Monday, November 29, 2010


The highlight of September happened over Labor Day weekend.  We headed to Minocqua with some friends and had a great time cooking out, sitting around the camp fire, paddle boating and visiting a petting zoo. 

All of the pictures below were taken at Peck's Wildwood Wildlife Park.  This place was awesome for Corbin and for us.  John got to give huge bears a drink of "cola", we got to pet tons of animals and see many more.  There was this cool enclosed bird area where we were able to feed all sorts of birds.  They were so used to people they landed right on our hands.  I would make the trek back to Minocqua just to go to this place again.

 Petting the goats

 A huge pot belly pig

 I couldn't resist this picture, I'm not gonna tell you what to look for...

 Petting the bunnies

 Running through a tunnel with Landon

 The birds eating out of John's hand

 Boys giving each other a dap to conclude an amazing afternoon

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