Monday, November 29, 2010


Corbin turned 2 in August.  We had a great monkey birthday party with lots of family and friends.  Corbin definitely turned 2 on his birthday.  I commented many times that it was like someone flipped a switch.  My calm, easy going child turned into an emotional, and more than I would like, whiny boy.  My perfect child couldn't stay perfect forever, he has us for parents :-).  Since August we have learned to deal with these new emotions with patience and of course time outs!

This picture was taken on Corbin's actual birthday.  Daddy had to work so Corbin and I decided to take a trip to the local splash pool.  He had a great time watering his feet with the watering can and sliding down 2 different whales that spray water. 

Here are the birthday brownies that Corbin took maybe 2 bites of.  Notice I did NOT light the candle this year.  If you remember last year, Corbin stuck his fingers through the flame of his #1 candle... I will never live that down by the way.

Here is the big boy at his birthday party.  We had great weather to celebrate with family and friends.

This is the monkey cake Daddy baked, frosted and decorated.  No kidding, my husband may be the next cake boss!

Ah! Yum!

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Hillary said...

Wow, that monkey cake is super impressive!