Monday, June 18, 2012

Happy 1st Birthday Holden

It's been a while, almost a year, since I posted anything to our blog.  It's been a busy and overwhelming year for the Williams Family.  Quite a few people told me going from one child to two children wouldn't just double the work, it would quadruple it.  Of course I didn't believe it, how could it be true? Well folks, you were right and here I am a year later trying to catch up.

Here is Holden's first year in pictures

6/18/11 8 lb 3 oz 20 in

This face summed up the first 6 weeks of Holden's life, he disliked everything!

Meeting Kenny for the first time

Bliss! Thank you Rachel for letting us borrow the swing, Holden  finally stayed in one place for more than 15 minutes without screaming, AND he slept in it too.

Kind of wobbly in the Bumbo, this was at about 4 months.

Go Gophers! Thanks Alicia

Getting ambitious, trying to reach for toys on the floor.

Mommy's Sweet Pea
First attempts at sitting with the boppy

I think somebody liked the Big Guy

Holden with his Christmas stocking

First trip to the Dells, chillin' at the wave pool.

Love his little hinder!

This is what goes on most days... Holden tries to  get away from Corbin as Corbin torments Holden every chance he gets.  I can see how this is going to go as school age children. YIKES!

First Easter

First black eye... poor baby

Playing together?! Amazing!

Fast Friends these two, Holden loves to feed Dash

Holden with ONE of his girlfriends, Idalee

Disliking the swing (and the grass and the concrete...)

Hey Mom, check me out!

Like I said before, tormenting at every turn, although, here Holden seems to be enjoying it!

Second trip to the Dells

Baptism Day

Thank you Rachel and Bart for agreeing to be Holden's Godparents.  

Pretty cute! Thank you Pinterest

Smash Cake

Taking a stroll with Papa

Today is Holden's actual birthday.  Corbin, Holden and I are going to spend the day swimming.  When Daddy gets home from work we are going to have some brownies to celebrate!

We are thankful every day for this little boy and for his big brother, too.