Monday, December 20, 2010


October was a busy month.  We started preparing for Halloween by letting Corbin pick out a few pumpkins and gourds from a local farmer.  He had a great time trying to pick up all the biggest ones of course.

We hopefully started a family tradition by going to Epelgaarden to pick raspberries and apples.  Corbin liked helping Daddy pick the apples and taking a bite out of a few of them too.  He would not walk, or ride in the wagon for that matter, which got really tiring.  All and all we had a good time and at least I am looking forward to next year's trip.
Corbin and I also took a trip to Skelly's Farm Market.  Skelly's is a fun place to play with dump trucks in a corn box, climb on wooden play equipment and play pumpkin tic tac toe. We met some little friends, Jagger, Jemma and Loralei for yummy pumpkin donuts and apple cider.

 Corbin decided he wanted to dress up as a cow for Halloween.  I named tons of animals and insects all to which he emphatically said "NO!".  I finally asked him about a cow.  Once he said yes he never waivered.  We were proud of him saying "trick or treat" at every house and a couple of "moos" too! 

Here are our pumpkins.  Corbin's was a Cat, mine was a spider in a web and John's was a scary face.
Our family pumpkin said Trick or Treat

We also got some great family news this month.  We found out we are expecting our 2nd child!  Baby Williams #2 is due to arrive June 18th, 2011.