Thursday, September 23, 2010


July was spent traveling.  First was a trip for Corbin and I to ND to celebrate my Grandfather's 90th birthday.  We had many hours of driving to get to and from our destination but spending time with family made it all worth it. 

Next was to Northern Wisconsin for John and me.  This picture was taken at my best friend Alicia's wedding.  The festivities were held at Stout's Island Lodge on the Island of Happy Days (AMAZING).  John and I had a nice, relaxing, child free weekend.  Thank you to Keith and Angela for watching Corbin for us.  Congratulations Alicia and Matt on your wedding day.  We had a great time celebrating with you!

 Corbin spent a lot of time in his pool this summer.  Here he is, in some of the last photos ever with his nuk in his mouth I might add, filling up his pool.  He loves to help Mommy and Daddy whenever he can whether it be giving the animals treats in the morning, putting groceries on the conveyor at the store or filling up his pool.  He's gonna go go go just like his dad, I'm afraid...

 Corbin likes to swim naked.  In fact, he prefers to swim naked even if Mommy is taking pictures.  Here he is trying to master the slide.

Ahh, success!

One of our many trips to the Middleton Slash Pad.

Playing on the equipment at the local park in Footville.  Notice the sweat... the kid sweats like that sitting in the house playing... it's a sad state of affairs sometimes.

We gave Corbin his birthday present early this year.  John and I knew we wanted to get Corbin a Swing and Slide for the backyard and we happened to be at a benefit where one was being auctioned off.  I didn't think we'd be the highest bidder by any means but as it turns out we were.  This is a shot of the day it was delivered. 

And last, one of my favorites from the summer.  Corbin and Dash waiting patiently by the front door for Daddy's truck to pull up in the driveway!

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