Sunday, May 8, 2011


 This is our friend and Corbin's Godmother Angela and I sporting our bumps at Angela's baby shower.  It was held March 13th so I was about 26 weeks in this picture.

Corbin has had many haircuts in his life so far, once every 5 weeks in fact.  This was the first time he ever sat in a big chair by himself.  Usually I sit in the chair with a cape on and he sits on my lap with his cape on.  We needed to make the switch since my lap is getting ever smaller and we didn't want a lopsided haircut...  He did great, he sat still and didn't fuss when his hair got sprayed with water.

Here is Corbin post haircut being silly with Daddy.  He is obsessed with "be-unes" so often we have 1 or more in the house.  On this day the balloons were used to make baby bellies... I have to say it was pretty cute watching Corbin try to get that balloon stuffed in his shirt.  And it's comical that John had the Mama stance down instantly with his hand on his "belly".

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Hillary said...

Oh my gosh, cuteness overload!!!! All the bumps in this blog post look great:) I miss you!!!!