Sunday, May 8, 2011

ABC Convention

Every year Associated Builders and Contractors of Wisconsin, Inc. has a convention.  Every year it's in Wisconsin Dells.  And every year we are delighted to have a few free days to spend at a water park.  Of course John  has to work during the day but we always find time to play in the water and have some fun!

This year the convention was held at the Wilderness.  We'd never been to the Wilderness before but will definately be going back.  We had a blast!

Here is Corbin "rarring" standing in front of a bear.  There were animals everywhere... Corbin loved pointing out the birds, various cat species and buffalo.

This pool was a hit with Corbin.  It was heated, bonus for Mommy, and it had a basketball hoop.  Corbin waited patiently for the ball to come his way and when it FINALLY did he was able to slam dunk it with the help of Daddy.  Needless to say, after the first "dunk" he never wanted to get out.

This is a picture of the water park we spent most of our time in (there are 5 I think...).  That huge bucket at the top of the picture fills up with water and tips over.  Before the tipping happens an alarm sounds, Corbin figured out what the alarm meant and stopped whatever he was doing to watch and clap.  He loved this park!

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