Wednesday, April 21, 2010

What we've been up to...

We've been keeping busy!  The weather has been great and outside has proved to be Corbin's favorite hangout.
Corbin got fitted for a helmet at the Kohl's Safety Center at American Family Children's Hospital (were Mommy works).  Ever since we bought the helmet it's been a battle to get the thing off Corbin's head.  He also loves to ride on the back of my bike... even if it's only down the street or around the cul-de-sac.  I'm not sure which upsets him more, the bike ride ending or the helmet being taken off.  What I do know... we've now seen a temper tantrum...

For Corbin's 1st birthday he got a bubble making lawn mower.  He couldn't quite figure it out last year but really likes it now.  Sometimes I think he enjoys pretending to add bubbles more than the bubbles themselves. 

Monday marked Mommy and Daddy's 3rd wedding anniversary.  Thanks to Sandy (John's Mom) we got an entire evening and night to ourselves!  We went to a fundraiser called "Sip and Taste" where we got to sample lots of different food and beverages from local eateries.  We found many new restaurants to try and had a great time. 

We are looking forward to this weekend when my best friend Alicia and her fiance Matt will be here to visit. 

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Hillary said...

Too cute!!! I love how much he loves his helmet!

I guess this means you aren't working this weekend? Boo for me, but yeah for hanging out with best friends!!!