Monday, June 20, 2011

Rock County Dairy Breakfast

Every year a dairy farm in Rock County is chosen to host a dairy breakfast.  This year the breakfast was located in Janesville.  John and I decided we would get Corbin going early so he could enjoy the festivities before the crowd showed up.

Here is a picture of Corbin sittin on an antique tractor.

Corbin and Mommy acting silly.

Corbin had fun playing in the corn box, he even brought a few kernels home in his diaper...

There were all sorts of animals to look at.  We saw guinea pigs, rabbits, cows, chicks, kittens and of course this miniature pony.

All in all we had a great morning.  Corbin was napping in the car before we could get him home to his bed.  I was hoping the heat and the walking would send me into labor.  I did not get my wish!

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