Tuesday, March 2, 2010


With a toddler in the house we've been trying to curb our swearing... let's say some days are better than others!  Instead of my usual WTF, I've tried to incorporate WTH... what the heck?
What the heck is how I feel about blogspot right now.  Everytime I try to look at the blog the background is missing.  I've re-applied it, removed it and started over and even changed the layout a couple of times and still... WTH?

Anyway, Corbin and I were in Chicago this past weekend with Nana.  We had a nice time walking around Michigan Ave. and seeing some of the sites.  The weather was very nice which made all that walking pretty enjoyable.  Corbin got his first Happy Meal, attempted his first drinks out of a straw and had his first tastes of one of Mommy's favorite desserts at the Hard Rock.  All in all we had a great weekend!

Stay tuned for pictures, I haven't had a chance to upload them to the computer yet...

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