Friday, March 20, 2009

Spring is here!

Since my last post Corbin has changed a lot! He can now roll over and roll back, he used to get stuck on his tummy... We would find him in his crib on his stomach mad as heck, grunting, with both arms and both legs in the air (like a belly flop would look if he was jumping into water). It was pretty comical actually :-)

Corbin is sitting like a champ, he only banged his head twice so far. Both for Mommy of course, once his forhead off the ottoman of the glider and second the back of his head on the floor when he flung his body backward in his excitement. My nurse friends can identify with me checking his neuro status and his sleep after each of these episodes... luckily these were just two of many bumps and bruises the guy will have in his lifetime.

The biggest news is TEETH! Corbin has two little toofers sticking out of his gums on the bottom... YAH! I am such a lucky Mom... my child is so well behaved and even tempered, he only cries when he is hungry and is almost always happy. I've been attributing his recent "crabbiness" (a little discontent/fussiness once or twice in the last month) to his 6 month shots. Looks like I was wrong, he was teething, I guess he's got a lot to teach me!

More pictures and video to come...

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