Sunday, February 8, 2009

Corbin 4-5 Months

My last post before I can just update daily happenings...

In December we started putting Corbin in his exersaucer... this new toy quickly became his favorite! He loves to move and groove in it and look at himself in the mirror (a boy after his father).

It's no secret how much time John spends in the bath tub. We thought it would be a good idea to get Corbin some sort of float toy for those evenings when Mommy is at work and Daddy wants to take a bath. Turns out Corbin shares his fathers love of the bath tub, check out these photos.

Corbin had to have surgery to drain a fluid collection in his scrotum (it sounds worse than it was). The surgeon took a look at his legs and said "this kid has biscuit poisoning". I think biscuit poisoning is another way to say your kid is FAT! So surgery is over and all is well but Corbin is still a chubby, chubby baby!

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